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Professionally, I bring 25 years of experience living + working in NY & LA with active hands in the entertainment, advertising, technology, philanthropy, arts, culture and wellness communities.

Having a constant finger on the pulse as a resident on both coasts has allowed me to naturally gravitate toward leading edge brands while also staying connected to what the community cares about. I am always aware of what’s trending, what’s opening/closing and which conversations are leading the charge across a broad spectrum of industries and interests.

I look forward to working with you. – Tancie

Relationships +
While self motivated and impeccable with logistics, maintaining relationships across many fields over many years, as well as a forging and nurturing new relationships, has been the cornerstone of my professional life.

Ideation +
Time spent around the table with our countries top advertising minds provided me with a virtual masters degree in ideation. I’ve grown into a natural collaborator, able to generate ideas that are brand focused to meet goals, while also having the logistical vision + skill to carry it out.

Aesthetic +
As a designer, I have a skill and sensitivity to aesthetic that is recognized nation wide, through my work as a product designer, graphic and brand designer, as well as in my clothing collection which sells on both coasts.

Community +
I have a passion for imagining how best to use a brands assets and venues to create platforms for expression and ways for people to get involved. Cultivating traditional as well as cutting edge experiences really bring a brand to life and make it an integral part of the community

Ambassador +

As a brand ambassador, I easily forge new relationships and enroll others at every opportunity, including my personal network, which is teaming with eclectic leaders from medicine men + women, to influential .com founders + bitcoin billionaires.

Professional Skills + Capabilities

• Strong business development professional skilled in Leadership Training + Management, Event Planning and Execution, Client Relations, Marketing, Promotion, Talent Booking and Strategic Partnerships. Experience serving as a member of the Executive staff.

• Work with executive and marketing committee to develop and execute a per project or year-round strategy for on property activations including, but not limited to, key moments during the property’s annual schedule such as: award season, film festivals, seasonal events, themed nights, film screenings, holidays, New Year’s Eve, etc. to drive revenue and benefit the guest experience.

• Create partnership opportunities with cultural institutions, influencers and tastemakers, and oversee all relationships, brand collaborations and sponsorship opportunities, with respect to the brand’s identity.

• Work directly with the Marketing Director and Public Relations teams to adequately promote and market special programs, to manage press inquiries and to maximize exposure and promotion of the company and all programming.

• Review all talent (speakers, featured guests, entertainers, musicians et al) submissions, and book talent accordingly.

• Work with the Marketing Manager to generate + oversee digital branding collateral, including all social media and online content for the website and digital assets.

• Oversee special programming and events, including day-life and night-life in all property outlets requiring the curation of cultural and social programming to maximize benefit to the brand, its guests and any private club members or investors.

Client List +
Mercedes Benz | Volkswagen | Nike | Microsoft | Forex | Stub Hub | Carmax | Subway | Lollapalooza | Time Warner Cable | Rocher Chocolate | FOX | MTV | Bloomingdales | Southwest Airlines | Coke | Cingular Wireless | Lexus | Vidal Sassoon
| Nintendo | Disney | Tide | Chris Brown | Tony Yayo | 50 Cent | Jeep Wrangler 
ESPN | ACE Hardware | Volvo | JC Penny | Johnson & Johnson | Foster Farms | Target  | Mc Donald’s | Nickelodeon

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