COMMERCIALS // Links to a few spots online + the scope of a few featured projects

FRIGIDAIRE // shot in NY, over the course of 2 days, on two stages, with an A + B camera unit.

BARTENURA // shot on the roof of Tudor City in Manhattan, NYC through a rainy night, with top pro crew + production team, this spot is gorgeous. Many miracles came together, great locations were key, talent is major. Todd Heyman, director, specializes in deep, beautiful nuance.

OTS PSA // shot in LA, we used a process trailer to achieve a natural look, keeping safety first, as our drivers were accosted with their cars filling up with our two separate casts, for two spots for the Office of Traffic Safety, CA.

HI USA Awkward Greetings // Acquired Tastes // Bunk Haka // three comedy spots for facebook shot in NY on location at the Hosteling International building during the normal flow of business! Our cast + crew fit right in, we had to keep as light a footprint as possible and move fast to get all accomplished in one day. Success!

MTV MOVIE AWARDS 2012 // a few trips between NY + LA over the course of 6 weeks, this project shot in many last minute locations as our celebrities were avail, from the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, to MILK Studios in LA, an insert stage in Chelsea, and at MTV studios among other places. My crew + team had to be ready for anything at a moments notice, very much like an ENG crew, light on our feet, small footprint.

NICK JR. DRAW + PLAY // gorgeous estate in Long Island, NY, this spot was shot on location in one day, which proved to be a challenge, since the location had a faulty alarm system which went off the entire day. We had to shoot sound around it, and the main challenge in this simple shoot was dealing with the crazy unexpected twists and turns at this antique home, and keeping us on schedule despite the constant stop and start. Success!

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SECOND KISS  // a fun short film pulled off by a small group of NY’s most talented indy film players. Shot entirely on location in Brooklyn, NY, this project was a joy to work on, and had a strong cast + crew, low budget, begged borrowed and loaned to get it done type show! Many festival acceptance letters prove it was all worth it.