advisor |əd’vizər|

 an expert in a particular field met with in order to formally consult or discuss
: they improved business by hiring a professional advisor



I work with individuals, teams and companies, to harness focus, gain clarity and reach goals.
Results are guaranteed.

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 for a discussion about your creative process, business,
career, the direction you are heading and what your options and needs are.

Being a business owner, entrepreneur, employee or leader requires a lot of strength, personal power and vision. To forge ahead + take your business or life to the next level, or to lead your team to success requires you to share your vision in an effective way. Sharing your vision first requires you be guided more intensely into your own inner wisdom for support and clarity on what will lead to your greatest success personally and professionally.

• discover limitations that stop you from experiencing progress and success daily
know your value, express it and receive recognition and compensation for it
• become aware of your grandest vision, become able to take the right steps toward it.

Re-calibrate your energy to move beyond what blocks you.

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Tancie Trail is a board certified NLP Practitioner, and a twice certified Reiki Practitioner
who has been working 1:1 with private clients in the personal success + wellness space since 1996.
Setup a time to meet or speak on a call, sessions are 60-90 min, email to inquire.